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His Wind Beneath My Wings Book 1
His Wind Beneath My Wings Book 2
His Wind Beneath My Wings Book 3
His Wind Beneath My Wings Book 4
Lionel Smith's

His Wind Beneath My Wings

Book Series



  • Certified Flight Instructor

  • Certified Flight Instrument Instructor

  • Multi-Engine Instructor

  • Licensed Ground Instructor.

  • Commercial pilot with instrument rating for single-engine land, single-engine sea, and multi-engine land aircraft.

  • Certified Airframe and Power plant mechanic with inspector authorization.

  • Over 12,000 hours of flight time

  • Over 8,000 hours instructing student pilots

  • Graduated mission pilot training in 1993 from New Tribes Missions. Instructor: Paul Dye

  • FAA appointed Accident Prevention Counselor 1973-1998

  • Pilot since 1963


Practical wisdom shared by the author including the following:

· Learn how to fly a plane safely.
· Learn how to safely land in emergencies.
· Utilize this book’s extensive aviation glossary.
· Enjoy Lionel’s humor as he shares his own pilot mishaps.
· Learn how to listen to intuition and God’s voice.



This book series is intended for all audiences, teenager on up.  The books share the practical wisdom of Lionel Smith.  They are a must own and must read for inspiring, new and experienced pilots.  From the extraordinary training he received to mistakes learned from and so much more, the inspiring text from His Wind Beneath My Wings won't let you put the books down.



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