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By the grace of God, in 1989 I was able to pass a flight physical and start flying again. I renewed my flight status by completing a Biannual Flight Review. I also renewed my flight instructor status and purchased a Tri-pacer, with which I started instructing again, having no intentions of ever being involved with anything that resembled a full time flight school. The Mayor  of Mountain View, Missouri asked me if I would give her city a flight school, before I even thought about it I agreed to do it. ln 1993,1 got a reminder while sitting quietly alone in my office. *REMEMBER 78" In September of 1993, God opened a door to let me receive the specialized flight training that I needed to train missionary pilots from Paul Dye of New Tribes Mission.  Christian Wings for the World was Incorporated in June of 1996.


The Author

Aviation has been a part of my life since I was ten years old. I learned to fly from an airship that was located in an orchard, in Illinois. My certificates and ratings now include commercial, instrument, multi-engine, sea-plane and flight instructor airplane, instrument, and multi-engine, A and P mechanic with inspection authorization.  In 1978 God gave me a vision to train missionary pilots. It was a clear call with many specific details, but I said "no" to the Lord. I was too busy making money and having fun to get involved in missions.

On April 29th, 1979,I was involved in an ag-plane crash, that nearly took my life.My injuries were so severe that the doctors at the emergency room told my wife, Sara that I would probably die so, Sara then called an ambulance to take me to University Medical Center in Columbia, Missouri, where we found Dr. Robert Gaines and his surgery team at 9:30 Sunday night. When was the last time that you tried to get a doctor at such a time, let alone the best available. Some of injuries include six crushed vertebrae in my spinal column, quite a lot of spinal cord damage that caused loss of bladder and bowel control, a massive brain hemorrhage, my left arm was pulled so far out of joint at the shoulder that the resulting nerve damage left it paralyzed for a time. And a number of lesser injuries.

At about the same time God gave me the dream to train missionary pilots, God gave Don McCurdy the dream to build an airport to train missionary pilots. Don was faithful to his calling and built an ideal airport for training missionary pilots. The airport has two runways, a heated hanger and forty seven acres to work with. In 1984 Don passed away, without seeing his dream fulfilled. In January of 1999 his widow Gwen, who is now married to Dick Slater, donated the airport property to Christian Wings for the World.  In addition to the airport property they also built a seven bedroom house, on an adjoining seven acres, to house missionaries while they were here. Gwen lowered the cost of the home greatly so that Sara and I could afford to buy it.  Praise the Lord!

With a limited budget and no advertising, God has sent pilots to C.W.W. from as far away as Europe and the South Pacific. Those who have received training here are now serving in the following countries Geerten Vreugendhil - Irian Jaya, Marco Koffeman Uganda, Marc Koelewijn - Chad, Egmont Sturm - Gabon, Carl Stevens - Philippines, Kristian Yus - Irian Jaya, Frank Toews - AIM Air-Africa, Myron Martin - On Eagles Wings-Alaska, and others that have taken training with us.


In the United States it is common to use aviation to save the lives of those who need prompt medical attention. God has children around the world who also need to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Certainly it is the will of God that His children everywhere have the same benefits that we do.

Christ commissioned His disciples to take the Gospel to all nations. Many undeveloped countries have almost no highways which makes aviation even more important. If you were a missionary, would you rather hack your way through the jungle for days, or arrive at your destination in a few minutes in an airplane. I think the importance God places on taking the Gospel to all nations is the reason he gave me the vision for Christian Wings for the World. (C.W.W.)

It is not my desire to take time, energy, or money from any Christian ministry that God has called you to support. There are, however, people like me, whom God has called to get involved in missionary aviation. If God is calling you to help in this work, please do not say no. You may not get a second chance!

Lionel & Sara Smith

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