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His Wind Beneath My Wings III: The Healing Years

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This series of books cover many of my lifes events from my first flight lesson August 4, 1963 to my first professional flying job in 1968 in book 1. Book II covers my move to Lake of the Ozarks in 1971. I moved my family to the Lake to do flight training and to manage the airport at Osage Beach, MO. This job didn't turn out at all like it was supposed to. I got another flying job where I was director of flight operations for an air taxi company. This company paid me with bad checks and promises, I soon quit this job. I did some flying worked for a concrete company for a while then got a job with Howard Construction as a repair person doing welding and other chores for this company. I made enough money working construction to buy a two place trainer airplane and started dong some instructing and rental. In a few months I was able to buy a four place airplane added banner equipment to tow behind the airplanes. We were offered the Camdenton airport for a place for our business. We added air taxi, on demand charter service banner towing, added an ag plane (crop duster to some) I quit my construction job. Our business was doing well I believe that God called me to start training missionary pilots during the fall of 1978. I heard the call and had the resources to get started doing that, I had perfect health at the time. April 29th 1979 I was in an Ag crash that nearly killed me in the last chapter of book II. This book is the third book in the series The Healing Years, I go from not being able to do any thing to help myself to getting to fly and teach again in this book. The mayor of Mountain View MO invited me to give her city a flight school. Book IV is where I get my Wake up Call and start doing what God called me to do in book II

  • Print Length: 186 pages
  • Publication Date: February 2, 2018
  • Language: English
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